Send Digital Signatures with Your Phone

How to Send Digital Signatures with Your Phone

We’re more prolific than we’ve ever been. While on the road, mobile devices allow us to analyze essential papers, make vital business choices, and keep in touch with colleagues.

What is the best way to perform an electronic signature on a phone?

The ability to establish a secure e-signature is crucial for users who wish to confirm and sign papers from their phones.

Let’s look at how to establish an electronic signature on a phone and go through several applications that can help you sign papers from anywhere.

What are the benefits of electronic signatures?

  • Electronic signatures are crucial because they give businesses a legal way to authorize contracts from afar.
  • Electronic signatures, unlike handwritten signatures, which must be obtained in person, can be obtained using any electronic device, such as a computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android phone.
  • These signatures are an essential part of regular business activities for distant business users. E-signature solutions may be used to hire personnel, award service contracts, accept bids, and many other things.

Is it permissible to use electronic signatures?

Yes! Although electronic signature law differs by nation, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the eIDAS Regulation, respectively, provide the main foundation for electronic law validity in the United States and the European Union.

  • Documents signed with a valid digital signature are regarded as lawful and binding in the eyes of the law, just as if the signer had written their physical signature on the document, according to these rules.
  • The phrase “electronic signature” is misleading in several respects because a digital signature does not have to look like a handwritten signature in any way.

Digital signatures vs. electronic signatures

When trying to produce a signed document on your phone, there are two sorts of signatures you may use: electronic signatures and digital signatures.

According to most legal definitions, an electronic signature is a “sound, symbol, or procedure” that is logically related to a contract and the person who desires to sign it. This is why you may upload a virtual image of your signature and sign a document with it.

However, because of repudiation — the possibility for signers to reject the signature’s legitimacy — this is problematic for contracts and legal documents.

That is why, for crucial papers, we always advocate digital signatures.

To verify who signed the document, digital signatures employ electronic identifying mechanisms such as digital certificates, audit trails, unique login information, or access codes related to a signer’s identity.

A mobile app from a trustworthy e-signing solution like PandaDoc can ensure that an electronic signature is legitimate, mobile-friendly, and has all the tools it needs to fight against repudiation when created on a phone.

What is the best way for me to establish an electronic signature on my phone?

How to do an electronic signature on a phone

  1. You may use your phone to sign PDF documents in a variety of ways.
  2. Your phone comes with everything you need to be successful at the most basic level. A touch screen is included with every smartphone. In order to generate a more realistic representation of your signature, you may also utilize a stylus to improve your singing experience.
  3. CreateMySignature can assist you if you’re looking for a program that you can use regardless of what Mac you possess.
  4. If you require a downloaded picture for use in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or other applications, choose “Draw signature.”